How Many Panels Does it Take to Power a House?


It is the 21st century and many of us are going green in energy to protect our environment. If you too have decided to use the alternative source of energy and want to power your house with the solar power, the first thing for you to know is how many panels would it take to power it. The answer would depend on the size of your house, the number of its occupiers, the energy consumption, efficiency of the solar panels, and even on the country and region you live in. In Europe, for example, where weather is cold most of the year, it would take a greater number of panels to power a house. The same is relevant to hot countries where air-conditioning is needed to make the living comfortable. You can find respective answers to the question: how many solar panels required for my house? According to the above explanation or here we can give you a standard formula of an average American house as an example on the use of number of solar panels to generate electricity for your home. 

Average house size: 2000 square feet

The average house size in the US has increased from 1000 square feet to 2600 square feet over the period of past four decades, according to a recent study. Here we, however, will calculate the power consumption of a 2000 square feet house.

Average daily sunlight: California vs Michigan

California is one of the sunny states of America. It gets minimum nine-hour sunlight daily, which is more suitable for the solar power generation. On the contrary the state of Michigan gets far less sunlight, four-hours maximum daily.

Average power consumption

The average power consumption of a 2000 square feet house in the US is 10,164kwh a year. When divided over the period 12 months, it comes down at 847 kwh a month, and if further divided over the course of 30 days in a month it is down to 28kwh per day.

Average power generation in a sunny area

When we divide the 28kwh power consumed daily over the course of nine-hour sunlight, it leaves us 3kwh an hour. Since the solar panel calculate the energy in watts, and 1kwh equals 1000 watts, 3 multiply by 1000 will be 3000 an hour. If we use 72 cells 350-watts solar panel, it will require minimum 9 solar panels to generate 28kwh power required to power the 2000 square feet house for the entire day.

This system will provide sufficient energy to power the above size house in the state of California of an average family size of 4 to 5 people. However, in the state of Michigan, which receives far less sunlight during the day will require almost two times a higher number of solar panels to power the house of a family of the same size.

The power generation capacity and efficiency can also be affected by the efficiency of the panels’ technology, although the technology is becoming more efficient and reliable, there is a continuous need and effort on its further development.

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